Bean Strap Hinge 30 Inch

Very heavy strap with butt hinge mounting.

Strap is made from 1/4" thick steel with forged edge.

Butt is made from 5/16" thick steel. See detail below.

1-1/16" OD x 11/16" ID pipe is welded to butt and strap to form hinge knuckle.

Butt is 6" tall x 3-3/4" wide.

Strap is 30" long.

Overall length assembled 33".

Removable hinge pin 5/8" shank diameter x 6-1/4" overall. See Detail below.

Provided with 1/4" x 3" square head lag screws. See Detail below.

Butt is intended to be surface mounted. Optionally, butt can be mortised in and used with flat head wood screws. This will require the holes in the butt hinge to be countersunk. (Countersunk holes available at extra charge.)

Sold by the HALF PAIR.

IHLBP 1/2 PairRegular price: $323.37Sale price: $225.00