Felco 23 Lopper

This lopper is midway between Felco 20 and Felco 21.

Length 21"

Discontinued by Felco. Parts are available below.

Felco 23

Schematic For Felco 23Schematic For Felco 23
See Replacement Blade

See Replacement Anvil

Felco 20/93 Shock AbsorbersFelco 20/93 Shock AbsorbersShock absorbers fit Felco models 20, 23, 29, F200 and F210.

Felco 20/93$6.99
Felco 903 Professional Diamond SharpenerFelco 903 Professional Diamond SharpenerDiamond sharpener for all Felco pruners and loppers.

Consists of a hardened steel plaque coated with diamonds which shape has been specially designed to be able to reach all nooks when sharpening.

Length: 4-1/4".

Felco 903$24.70
Felco 980 LubricantFelco 980 LubricantThis rapidly biodegradable Felco spray uses a 100% synthetic base non-stick formula that remains stable with age and oxidation and will never become resinous. It has been specially developed for the cleaning of all of the metallic parts of gardening and workshop tools. This Felco universal spray protects all types of metal durably against corrosion and provides an effective waterproof coating. It is recommended for the wintering of all garden utensils. Does not contain butane/propane gas.

No VOC's.

Swiss Made.

1.89 fluid oz. / 56ml

Felco 980$12.99
Felco 990 Pruner GreaseFelco 990 Pruner GreaseA high quality grease that reduces wear and tear of moving parts. It is hydrophobic (repels water) and is non-toxic.

Completely synthetic (lithium/calcium based) and biodegradable.

Size: 1 oz./30 g.

Felco 990$9.66