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This is a very sleek, very sturdy cremone bolt fashioned from stainless steel.

The knob is vertical when locked, and horizontal when unlocked.

Right Handed model turns counter-clockwise to unlock, clockwise to lock.

Single sided operation only.

Turning the knob 90 degrees throws each rod 5/8". Sturdy rack and pinion mechanism throws rods with confidence.

The center mechanism measures 1-5/16" wide x 5-1/16" tall. The knob measures 4-5/16" tall and projects a total of 3-3/8" from mounting surface.

Set includes 2 equal length rods. Rods are 8mm or 5/16" square. Maximum retracted length is 112-1/4". Maximum extended length is 113-1/2".

There is clearance between the rods and the mounting surface of about 3/16". This feature makes for easier alignment when using angle strikes on outswinging doors and windows.

Each set is provided with 2 end guides, 2 box strikes/center guides and 2 angle strikes.

When this cremone is installed on outswinging doors/windows, the box strikes/center guides are used as center guides midway between the center mechanism and the end guides. When this cremone is installed on inswinging doors/windows or on cabinet doors, the box stikes/center guides may be used as strikes with only one end guide on each rod. This cremone is not provided with flat strike plates, however, the angle strikes could be modified and used as flat strike plates.

The end guides and box strike measure 1-5/16" wide x 3/4" tall x 3/4" projection.

The angle strikes measure 1-7/16" wide x 3/4" deep x 9/16" tall.