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Raw Linseed Oil

Sterling Linseed Oils are the oldest and best known natural wood preservatives. They form a tough resistant film on wood and metal surfaces. Boiled Linseed Oil differs from Raw Linseed Oil in that it contains quality drying agents which shorten its drying time. Boiled Linseed Oil is inedible because of the chemicals added to it. On the other hand, Raw Linseed Oil may be used on cutting boards and wood utensils. Surfaces treated with Raw Linseed Oil will remain slightly tacky.

USES: Preserves wood gutters, farm equipment, caulking, garden tools. May be added to Oil-Based Paint (see paint can label). Used to seal the tops of doors, door frames and windows. Good for finishing furniture made of walnut, mahogany or cherry. Used as a wood preservative on unpainted fences. Traditionally may be used on raw wood freshly sanded floors which will be maintained with paste wax.

Raw Linseed Oil$12.99

Raw Linseed Oil$39.99