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Ceiling Button Plaster Washer

Known as Ceiling Buttons or Plaster Washers.

Used to hold up sagging ceilings.

Countersunk in the middle for a drywall screw.

Perforated to hold spackle to hide repair.

New! We are now selling 2 versions of Plaster Washers. Shown at top are the standard 1 inch diameter plaster washers. Shown below these are the new improved 1-1/4" Plaster Washers.

The 1-1/4" Plaster Washers are bigger and stiffer to hold more weight per screw. These washers are less likely to pull through old plaster.

Sold in various size packages. See below.

Plaster Washer 1-1/4 EachRegular price: $0.30Sale price: $0.25, 100/$12.00

Plaster Washer 1 Inch
Plaster Washer 1 InchRegular price: $0.40Sale price: $0.30, 100/$20.00, 200/$40.00, 500/$85.00, 1000/$150.00