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Narrow Backset Sliding Or Swinging Door Deadbolt

Narrow backset deadbolt for sliding or swinging doors.

Can be used on pocket doors but door may not open fully.

Available in single or double cylinder.

Shown in Satin Brass finish. Available in other common finishes.

Backset is 1-9/16" or 40mm.

Requires a 2-3/4" deep pocket.

Faceplate measures 6-1/2" high x 7/8" wide.

Profile cylinder trim measures 1-1/8" wide x 2-3/4" tall.

Profile cylinders available with Schlage keyway. Shorter double cylinder profile cylinders may use 4-pin Yale keyway.

Provided with adjustable strike for optimal privacy and weatherstripping.

Two turns of profile cylinder are required to fully engage lock.

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