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Omnia Egg Knob Cremone Bolt

Attractive and reasonably priced, these simple but elegant cremone bolts are made in Italy.

These cremones are one-sided only.

Fits up to 114-1/2" opening.

Bolts are thrown 11/16" when knob is turned.

Top rod measures 72-1/8".

Bottom rod measures 40-1/4".

Box is 1-7/16" wide x 5-1/16" high.

Knob measures 2-3/8" high x 1-7/16" wide.

Total projection is 2-7/8".

Provided with 2 mortise, 1 universal, and 2 surface strikes.

Provided with 5 rod guides and screws.

Rods measure 9/16" wide.

432CR.3Regular price: $306.00Sale price: $229.99

.Side view of Cremone Box showing heavy Egg Knob.