Stainless Steel Radiator Humidifier

Old fashioned radiator humidifier. Simply insert into end of radiator and fill with water.

Seamlessly folded from a single sheet of stainless steel.*

This item is made in China and is similar to an obsolete American design. Partially hand made.

For houses with small children we recommend taping the exposed edges with electrical tape.

19" long x 4-1/2" tall.

27/64" insert width x 6-7/8" reservoir width.

Requires a 7/16" minimum width slot in the end of the radiator. Will not fit radiators with end slots less than 7/16".

*These humidifiers are modeled after a classic American humidifier. The classic American humidifiers were manufactured from galvanized steel sheet metal and they would definitely get rusty, so much in fact, that they would rust through. We offer humidifiers made out of stainless steel in a effort to avoid this problem. We have humidifiers made of basic stainless steel, which we do not believe will ever rust through, but certainly will have rust stains after sitting with warm water in them for months on end. In a effort to eliminate this cosmetic rusting, we now offer humidifiers made of 316 stainless steel, which should stain even less.

Dealer inquiries invited minimum order 24 pcs.

Humidifier Basic Stainless$20.00

Humidifier 316 Stainless$25.00