FELCO Pruners



The best seller is still the FELCO 2 - the classic design. However, we would recommend buying one of the other models over the FELCO 2.


The FELCO 11 is exactly the same as the FELCO 2 but with an easily replaceable anvil.

8, 6

The FELCO 8 is the same as the FELCO 11 but with a more comfortable grip and a better cutting angle. The FELCO 6 is a smaller version of the FELCO 8.

7, 12

The FELCO 7 has a novel rotating handle for heavy users. The FELCO 12 is a smaller version of the FELCO 7.

9, 10, 16

The FELCO 9, FELCO 10, and FELCO 16 are left handed models.


The FELCO 13 is a super sized pruner.


The FELCO 31 is an anvil style pruner as opposed to all of the others, which are bypass pruners.