Bartley Gel Finishes

Easy wipe-on application.

No messy runs or drips.

No sanding between coats.

Greater coverage than liquids.

Acclaimed by professionals and amateurs for their ease and results!


Start with a clean, well sanded surface. With a small cloth, apply a generous coat of Bartley Gel Stain to an area no larger than 6-8 square feet. With a clean cloth or soft paper towel, immediately wipe off the excess with the grain until the color is uniform and free of smudges. The newly stained surface should be nearly dry to the touch. Your first coat of stain is done! There are no runs, no drips, and no unpleasant odors!


For a darker, richer tone, apply a second coat of stain. Up to 3 coats will add significant depth and richness of color. Allow 6 hours between coats. One of the best features about Bartley finishes is there is no sanding between coats. It couldn't be easier!


After staining, apply two or three coats of Bartley's Gel Varnish for a beautiful hand-rubbed look. Now step back and admire your results!



Bartley Gel Stains can be intermixed in any combination to create an almost infinite number of colors. The Bartley Gel Varnish can be mixed with the stains to make lighter colors.


Even more beautiful tones can be achieved by staining with one color, allowing it to dry for 6 hours, and then overstaining with a different color. For example, using Brown or Dark Mahogany for the first coat followed by Pennsylvania Cherry will result in reddish brown tones. Pennsylvania Cherry overstained with Jet Mahogany will create a rich Mahogany color. Because Gel Stains are semi-transparent, the overstaining creates a different look than had the same colors been mixed in a can and then applied. Overstaining has many possibilities. Try it!



Bartley Gel Stains can be topcoated with most varnishes, polyurethanes, water base finishes, and lacquers, providing the stains have dried thoroughly. The Gel Varnish can be used to topcoat other stains. To be safe, test an area that will not be visible.