Frank Allart Cremone Bolts

Pictured is an antique rustic bronze cremone bolt by Frank Allart. Click here to see our guide to Frank Allart cremone bolts.


Frank Allart cremone bolts use a shoot (or rod) with a rectangular cross section instead of the more common half round rods. These shoots are stiffer and more frictionless than the half round rods.


Matching exterior trim is available for these bolts.


Finishes include: Polished Brass (Lacquered or Unlacquered), Imperial Brass Unlacquered, Nickel (Polished or Satin), Chrome (Polished or Satin), Antique Brass and Rustic Bronze. For a complete selection of Frank Allart finishes, click here.


Most Frank Allart cremone bolts are factory orders, although some samples are available for immediate shipment. Factory orders allow for desired finish, flexibility in knob/lever mounting height, alternate knob/levers, and savings on shoot length. 


All Frank Allart cremone bolts are supplied with a variety of extra strikes suitable for all door/window conditions.


The complete Frank Allart cremone bolt catalog is available by clicking here.


Made in England.


Call 215-247-0945 for more information, to request a quote, and to order.