Use Scand-Oil to clean, polish, and protect fine woods. Recommended for teak, walnut, rosewood, cherry, oak, and other furniture woods, antiques, bowls, carvings, frames, cabinets, and paneling.

Non-Toxic. Non-Combustible. Safe for children's furniture, toys, and kitchen woodenware. Contains no silicones. Dissolves dirt and wax build-up. Regular application will preserve the natural beauty of wood.

Directions: To care for oil-finishes, apply Scand-Oil evenly on a soft, clean cloth. Polish with a dry cloth. Hard finishes, varnishes and lacquers, require less oil. Not for old milk paint, wax, or shellac finishes.

Scand-Oil often rescues bruised, burned, water marked or stained wood. It or any product merits cautious use when applied to an unfamiliar piece. Test for compatibility. Humidity softens some finishes; do not polish a softened finish.

Scand-Oil was made by a small, family-owned business but is unfortunately no longer manufactured. Kilian Hardware is in the process of developing a substitute. Please enter your email below to be notified when we have more information, need beta testers, or have our new product ready for sale. If you have no comments, just put "N/A" in the comments box.