Abatron Wood Restoration Products

Abatron products can restore even very badly rotted wood to like-new or better condition. LiquidWood is used as a primer, thoroughly wetting the soft wood fibers and integrating the repair with the old wood. WoodEpox, the filler, is optimally applied before the Liquidwood cures to acheive a completely unified repair. The two products can even be mixed to a slurry consistency for rapid filling of weathered wood. Will not pop out like cheaper products.


Ideal for fixing rotten window sills, sash, frames, columns, stairs, floors, millwork, antiques, furniture, posts, and structural components.


When cured it may be easily sanded or machined as needed.


These products are epoxies and come in 2 containers, Part A and Part B. To use, one mixes equal parts of Part A and Part B together.

We recommend always using LiquidWood before WoodEpox.