Pushbutton Switches

We have all the pushbutton light switches to repair old wiring or to duplicate that old-fashioned look in a newer home. The single pole switch is offered in 2 versions, the traditional with one button in black and one button in mother-of-pearl, and a version with two mother-of-pearl buttons. We have 3 way and 4 way pushbutton switches. Dimmers are offered in 6 versions. We have 600 Watt dimmers in single pole and three way functions. Each of these is also offered in a trimmed version for side by side use. We also have low voltage dimmers in single pole and three way versions for low voltage lighting. We even offer combination single pole and combination 3 way pushbutton switches. Lastly, we offer low voltage momentary contact switches for a variety of uses. Also, see the matching Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacle.