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Versalles Cremone Bolts

Larger, more ornate cremone bolts with ornate rod guides.

Functionally, one of our sturdiest cremone bolts with a rack and pinion mechanism and heavy solid rods. Very strong.

Box size 6-3/4" x 1-9/16".

This is truly a beautiful cremone bolt with a european heritage. Shown with Egg-Shaped knob in oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Provided with two 11/16" half round rods. Fits up to 8 foot plus door.

Retracted length 99-3/4".

Extended length 101-3/8".

Each rod throws over 3/4".

Standard knob height 44".

V005Regular price: $520.00Sale price: $314.99

V005Regular price: $680.00Sale price: $399.99
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.Shown above is a center guide. Each Versalles cremone bolt comes with 2 center guides.

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.Shown above is an end guide/surface strike, an angle strike, a universal strike and a mortise strike. Each Versalles cremone comes with 3 end guide/surface strikes, one angle strike, one universal strike, and one mortise strike. Extra strikes may be ordered. The angle strikes are only used on outswinging doors or windows.

.Versalles cremone bolt shown in satin nickel with optional Style Ring. Call to order.