What is the best weatherstrip for swinging doors and windows?

Of course, we are going to say that metal weatherstripping is the best for swinging doors and windows.

One advantage of metal weatherstripping for swinging doors and windows is that the weatherstrip does not fight the lock or latch. Once the door or window is shut, there is no force trying to make it open again. This can also help to keep doors and windows from warping.

Secondly, metal weatherstripping can last a lifetime. If properly installed, and if you keep the painters away from it, there is no reason that metal weatherstripping cannot last 100 years or more.

Interlocking weatherstrip was always considered to be the premium weatherstrip. Before installing it on a swinging door or window, be sure that the door or window is well seasoned and acclimated to the environment in which it is to be installed. This is because to make any adjustments to the door or window at a later time will require that the interlocking weatherstrip be removed and re-installed.

Spring bronze may be more forgiving for swinging doors and windows because it allows for some seasonal variation in the size of the door or window.