30mm Narrow Backset Rabbeted or Rebated Mortise Lock

This is a beautiful rabbeted (rebated) mortise lock.

Tradtionally used on delicate french doors with very narrow stiles, antique versions used skeleton keys. This modern version uses a euro profile cylinder which can be keyed to a modern pin tumbler key.

Trim can be ordered from Frank Allart. See Allart Select at frankallart.com. Call 215-247-0945 for assistance.

Lock may be reversed for left or right handed doors.

Strike is suited for 1-3/8" thick doors.

Standard 1/2" rabbet depth.

Lock case requires 2-1/8" mortise depth x 5/8" wide x 4-1/4" tall.

Face plate is 7/8" wide by 6" tall.

Strike plate is 7/8" wide by 6" tall without lip.

Lip is 3" tall and extends 3/4" from center of door.

Backset is 30mm (1.18").

Hub is 8mm on the square.