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Downspout Basket Strainers

These basket strainers will help to keep your downspouts flowing and (if you have them) your storm drains running. Clogged downspouts can damage walls, inside and out, give you a wet basement, and cause erosion.

These strainers may be easily bent to fit in any opening round or square.

Use copper for copper downspouts, aluminum for aluminum downspouts, and galvanized for galvanized downspouts.

Clean your gutters when leaves accumulate.

3 Inch Round Galvanized
Gutter Strainer 3" Galv.$6.99, 10/$60.00
4 Inch Round Galvanized
Gutter Strainer 4" Galv.$10.99, 10/$100.00
3 Inch Round Aluminum
3 Inch Round Aluminum$5.99, 10/$50.00
4 Inch Round Aluminum
4 Inch Round Aluminum$8.49, 10/$77.00
3 Inch Copper
Gutter Strainer 3" Copper$9.99, 10/$80.00
4 Inch Copper
Gutter Strainer 4" Copper$16.99, 10/$140.00
Click to enlarge5 Inch CopperMeasures 4" diameter at waist and 5-1/4" at largest diameter.

Gutter Strainer 5" Copper$29.99
Click to enlarge6 Inch CopperMeasures 5 inch diameter at waist and 6-1/4" at largest diameter.

Gutter Strainer 6" Copper$36.99