Extra Long 5 Inch Backset for Passage or Privacy

Special 5 inch backset works with Emtek and other brands. When used with Emtek, the die cast zinc spindles must be replaced with a steel spindle.

Five inch backsets were commonly used in the 1950's and it is difficult to find attractive replacement hardware to fit. This item is sold as an accessory for a standard backset passage or privacy set to increase the backset to five inches.

To use as passage latch, leave off privacy pin.

Backset: 5 inches.

Hub size: 7mm on diamond, 8mm on square. See detail of hub below.

Privacy pin to center of hub: 23/32".

Barrel diameter: 1".

Faceplate: 1" x 2-1/4".

595Regular price: $121.39Sale price: $99.99

8mm Spindle OnlySteel spindle for use with Emtek locks, narrow and extra long backset latches & others. Measures 8mm square x 4-1/2" long. May be shortened with a hacksaw.

NS-8S-450Regular price: $9.07Sale price: $8.40