Extra Short 2 Inch Backset for Passage or Privacy

Do you have stiles on your door that are too narrow to accept a standard 2-3/8 backset latch? Try this 2 inch backset latch and save 3/8 of an inch! Compatible with Emtek and many other brands. Sold as an accessory for a standard backset passage or privacy set.

To use as passage latch simply leave off privacy pin.

Backset: 2 inches.

Barrel diameter: 1".

Boring depth required: 3-1/8"

Hub size: 7mm on diamond & 8mm on square.

Privacy pin to hub: 23/32" center to center.

Faceplate: 1" x 2-1/4".

Works with Emtek passage or privacy locks using exposed screws on standard rosettes. Requires a 60 degree rotation to fully retract. Standard Emtek passage and privacy sets use a 60 degree latch. Emtek locks using concealed screws or with Stretto sideplates require a 28 degree latch. Please note: Emtek locks with the 28 degree upgrade latch will not work with this latch. If you intend to use this latch with an Emtek lock, order the lock with the standard 60 degree latch.

880 2 InchRegular price: $47.74Sale price: $44.20