Extra Short 2 Inch Backset for Deadbolt

Extra short 2 inch backset deadbolt for use with some single or double cylinder deadbolts.

Shown above in satin nickel. Available in 3 finishes. See popup menu below.

Works with Emtek Deadbolts and some others. Does not work with Kwikset.

For Emtek single cylinder deadbolts we suggest replacing the standard tailpiece on the cylinder with our extra long tailpiece below for best operation. Tailpiece will need to be cut to the proper length. Please note: when removing the cap from the rear of the cylinder, never insert the key until the cap is replaced.

Photos below of suggested replacement tailpiece, Emtek 2-3/8" backset compared to our 2" backset, Emtek cylinder with standard tailpiece and Emtek cylinder with replacement tailpiece installed.

400Regular price: $43.85Sale price: $40.60

Extra Long Deadbolt TailpieceExtra Long Deadbolt TailpieceExtra long heavy duty tailpiece fits Emtek single cylinder deadbolts. May fit other brands as well.

Measures 4" overall length. May be shortened to any length.

Bar measures .246" wide x .080" thick.

Bar is slightly heavier than standard Emtek Bar.

Emtek bar measures .215" wide x .077" thick.

Orientation is 90 degrees off from Emtek, which doesn't matter as far as we can tell.

Heavy Deadbolt TailpieceHeavy Deadbolt TailpieceDeadbolt Tailpiece works with Emtek or other deadbolts.

Measures 2.35" long x .279" wide x .0835" thick.

D400-AS-T232Regular price: $4.54Sale price: $4.20
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