Kirkpatrick Iron & Steel Cremone Bolt w/ Lever

Sturdy cremone bolt manufactured from Iron and Steel. Concealed rack and pinion mechanism fashioned from solid brass ensures smooth operation.

90 degree operation extends and retracts rods 12mm in each direction.

Installer chooses to have cremone locked in either vertical or horizontal position. Field reversible.

Fits opening sizes up to 98-3/8" with lever centered.

Maximum retracted length 98-3/8".

Maximum extended length 99-1/4".

Case size measures 4-3/8" tall x 1-7/16" wide.

Maximum projection 2-3/4".

Lever center to tip 3-5/8"

Rods are made of steel and are 10mm square.

Provided with 2 angle strikes, 2 mortise strikes, and 6 rod guides/surface strikes.

Rod guides are provided with anti friction inserts.

Angle strikes measure 2" wide x 11/16" strike side x 5/8" return side.

Mortise strikes measure 2" x 3/4".

Surface strike/rod guides measure 1-9/16" wide x 1/2" tall x 3/4" projection.

Made in England.

1535 w/ 2461 LeverRegular price: $600.00Sale price: $331.00

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