Knipex Linesman Plier

Knipex makes possibly the best pliers in the world. The metal is extra hard, so the cutters stay sharp even when cutting the hardest wire. The grips are extra comfortable. The fulcrum of this plier is extra close to the cutters so less effort is required to cut.

The comparative quality of a Knipex plier was once demonstrated to me at a trade show. The salesman had an anvil and a hammer on the table. He would put a hardened steel masonry nail in the cutters of the plier, put the plier on top of the anvil, and hit it with the hammer to cut the nail. Aflter each demonstration, he would ask us to inspect the plier for damage. The pliers appeared to still be in perfect condition. He also had every other manufacturers cutting plier on the table, and each one was damaged by the same abuse. Although we do not recommend abusing your tools in this way, this demonstration clearly illustrated the superiority of Knipex pliers.

Length 8".

Made in Germany.

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