Miscellaneous Item

As we have 25,000 items in stock and millions available special order, we will never be able to put every one of them online. We have received many email requests for items that we do sell but are not online. We will email you back with descriptions and pricing information. You may then order online by ordering this miscellaneous item and telling us what you want in the comments section. We will be able to charge your card exactly once. We do not see your credit card information nor is it stored for future use. If you feel uncomfortable about giving this information online, you may call us at (215)247-0945 or fax us at (215)-247-2762. We do not recommend emailing credit card information.

In order for our online store to ask for your credit card information, we must have a non-zero price for this item. The price of $1 is not what you will be billed, unless of course you order something for $1.