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The Never Dull Polish!

The original magic wadding polish!

Uses: Automotive Trim, Silverware, Cookware, Brassware and Marine Hardware.

Cleans and polishes all metals including: silver, gold, brass, copper, pewter, glass, steel, aluminum and chromium.

Removes rust and corrosion instantly.

Nevr-Dull removes rust and tar from automobile and motorcycle chrome. Leaves no deposits in the crevices of metal work.

Excellent for: Mag and chrome wheels, boat fittings, workshop tools, fishing gear, sinks, showers and campers.

Directions: Tear off a small portion of the wadding and rub the article to be cleaned until all dirt is removed. Then finish with a dry, soft cloth to obtain a brilliant, lasting lustre. Do not use on lacquered surfaces. Replace lid after use.


NEVR-DULL 5 oz.Regular price: $5.99Sale price: $4.99, 6/$26.94