Original Old VillageŽ Paint Colours

A collection of authentic colours for restoration and decorating in the Colonial, Federal, and Victorian periods. They can be used inside or outside on any surface properly prepared. All are made in a Soft Sheen Finish, pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

Old Village Paint Colours are authentic reproductions of those used by the traveling craftsmen of 1790 and the village painter of 1840. The colours were of the same families for that entire time and were used in a variety of ways, indoors and outdoors.

Most of the Old Village Paint Colours are made with natural earth pigments from around the world, including oxides from Spain and Italy and linseed oils from America's own Midwest. The colours are warm and friendly in accordance with Colonial, Federal, and Victorian architecture. They also create striking backgrounds for modern settings.

Use good painting principles. Sand glossy surfaces and remove any dirt, oil and grease. Take your time; be careful in your application and enjoy the experience of painting. You will be pleased with the ease with which our paints apply and cover in one coat.

Old Village is a family-run business dedicated to high standards.

Click on image to see full size color samples. Due to the variation in monitors, colors are approximate. Suffice it to say, with the exception of Society Hill Blue and Rittenhouse Red,all of the colors are somewhat subdued.

Due to VOC compliance, The oil base formula is only available in Pints and Quarts.

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Old Village Paint Quart
Old Village Paint Quart$27.99, 4/$100.00
Old Village Paint Gallon
Old Village Paint Gallon$74.99, 4/$280.00
Old Village Paper Color Chart
Old Village Paper Color Chart$1.00