Sash Chain Spirals and Hooks

Spirals are used for attaching chain to side of sash. Spiral fits in knothole for old sash cord. Wind spiral through chain and secure in side of sash with a screw.

Spirals are 3/4" or 7/8" diameter.

Hooks are used for attaching chain to antique weights. Make a noose with the hook to attach to eye of antique weight.

Our modern weights are secured with #33 7/8" spirals.

#44 3/4" Sash Chain Spiral#44 3/4" Sash Chain Spiral
$0.41, 100/$27.00
#33 7/8" Sash Chain Spiral#33 7/8" Sash Chain Spiral
$0.41, 100/$27.00
#8 Sash Chain Hook#8 Sash Chain Hook
$0.28, 100/$19.00