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Saboten Slimmer Trimmer

Power pint size!

This pair is newly designed with an idea of creating the truly effective cutting sharpness with less than half the weight of conventional shears.


Choice high carbon steel of top grade outlasts any conventionally available shears.

Tough DELRIN safety latch locks and unlocks snugly by one hand for your safety.

Stainless steel spring.

Blades are wholly heat treated, not just cutting edges.

TEFLON coating on blades for a friction-free, smooth, clean cut and a long lasting sharpness.

Patented PIVOSLIDE system. (Oil-less pivot)

Shock absorbing contour grips.

Looped hand strap to use both hands when necessary and to prevent misplacing your shears.

Solid one piece construction of blades and handles can withstand a repeated, rugged, professional use.

Typical uses: pruning, fruit picking, bonsai care, flowers, and trimming sheeps hooves.

More like a scissor in action than other pruners. Has 2 razor-sharp blades.

Length: 7 1/4" (180 mm)

Made in Japan.

Saboten 1210PRegular price: $31.58Sale price: $24.99, 12/$246.00

Saboten 1210 BulkSame pruner but without retail package or rubber strap.

Saboten 1210UP BulkRegular price: $29.98Sale price: $23.99, 12/$234.00
Saboten Replacement SpringReplacement spring for Slimmer Trimmer.

Saboten 1210-1$1.60, 10/$13.00