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Caldwell Type Tape Balance 12 lb.

Side mounted tape style sash balance.

Works like a tape measure. Spring steel tape feeds out of balance when 6 pounds or more of pressure is applied. Hook is attached to bottom corner of sash. Balance is installed flush in window jamb towards the top.

Frequently used in older homes where a wall of double hung sash was required. Sash could be installed closer together by eliminating the need for pockets for the counterbalance weights. Also useful for retrofitting older sash without counterbalances.

Each pair of 12 lb. balances will support a 12 lb. sash.

Also available in overhead mount version.

Faceplate measures 5-5/8" tall x 7/8" wide.

Case measures 3" tall x 7/8" wide x 3" deep.

Sold by the each.

12 lb Tape Balance$45.00