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Waterlox VOC Compliant Sealer Finish

Premium wood finish made from Tung Oil.

Penetrates, seals and finishes.

Medium Sheen.

Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish can be applied with any of the following: Lambswool(Floors), Brush, Cloth, Roller, or Spray.

Strip previously finished surfaces to bare wood.

Sand well and wipe clean with tack cloth or cloth dampened with paint thinner.

Use with adequate ventilation.

Allow to dry overnight. Sanding between coats is unnecessary.

Waterlox VOC (Medium Sheen) QuartRegular price: $39.99Sale price: $30.99

Waterlox Gallon
Waterlox VOC (Medium Sheen) Gallon$89.99
Waterlox Marine Formula (High Gloss) Quart
Marine QuartRegular price: $51.99Sale price: $43.99
Waterlox Marine Formula (High Gloss) Gallon
Marine GallonRegular price: $129.99Sale price: $104.99
Waterlox Satin Gloss Quart
Waterlox Satin Gloss Quart (Round Can)Regular price: $44.99Sale price: $39.99
Waterlox Satin Gloss Gallon
Waterlox Satin Gloss Gallon (Round Can)$109.99