Felco 600 Folding Miracle Saw

There is nothing ordinary about this patented blade design. The shape of the blade is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom-where the teeth are. This unique feature keeps only the teeth in contact with the material to be cut. This prevents clogging and binding, since the sides of the blade never come in contact with the wood. Cuts branches up to 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter. Made in South Korea for FELCO.

New composite rubber and plastic handle for improved grip.

Overall Length Open: 14" (35 cm)

Overall Length Closed: 8-1/8"

Blade Length: 6" (16 cm)

Felco F-600Regular price: $27.26Sale price: $23.17

Folded Saw Detail
Saw Tooth Detail
Felco 600/3 replacement bladeFelco 600/3 replacement bladeReplacement saw blade for FELCO 60 and FELCO 600 Folding Miracle Saws.

Felco 600/3Regular price: $21.40Sale price: $18.19
Felco 60/4 Replacement ScrewFelco 60/4 Replacement ScrewReplacement Screw for Felco 60 and Felco 600 Folding Saws.

Felco 60/4$1.54
Felco 60-5 NutFelco 60-5 NutReplacement Nut for Felco 60 and Felco 600 folding saws.

Felco 60-5$1.54