Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths 6 oz.

Cleans the toughest jobs.

Polishes to a mirror shine.

Protects with our anti-tarnishing formula which significantly stretches time between polishes.

Pleasant aroma.

Superior polish for silver, gold, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Contents: twelve 6" x 4" moist cotton cloths & 1 pair reusable gloves.


Rub tarnished object gently, harder as necessary. Wipe dry with soft absorbent paper towel. Cloths may be used over and over, however discolored. Return cloth to tin after use - should cloth become dry, a few drops of mineral spirits or vegetable oil will revitalize. Plated surfaces - Rub very gently on thinly plated surfaces. Laquered surfaces - Lacquer must be removed before surface can be polished.

Cape Cod Cloths 6 oz.$13.99