Quilt Wash

Restores beauty to priceless quilts and bedding.

Contains no harsh detergents.

Removes stains without weakening fibers.

Quilt Wash is color safe, fabric safe and environmentally safe. Removes most stains, yellowing caused by aging, revives brightness and freshness and deodorizes quilts and bedding without damaging fine material fibers.

Directions: A front loading washing machine that does not agitate can be used. Mix 2 scoops of Quilt Wash per gallon of luke warm water. Add this solution to washing machine and run on gentle cycle. If soiling is heavy, you may need to repeat this process. Do not twist quilt to wring water out. Line dry out of direct sun. You can also hand wash in your bathtub. Follow the above directions. Do not put quilt into dryer when completely wet. After quilt is almost dry, you can put it into dryer at lowest setting to refluff.

Please note: Although Quilt Wash is extremely gentle and color safe, we recommend testing a small area of fabric first. Do not use on wool, silk or anything that should not be immersed in water.

Net weight: 2 lb.

Quilt Wash$19.99