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Reefer-Galler No-Moth Closet Hanger

Kills moths & moth larvae.

This is an old fashioned metal can with a coat hanger. Unwrap the moth cakes and hang in a closet.

Active Ingredient: Paradiclorobenzene 99.6%

Notice: California has determined that a chemical contained in this product causes cancer based on tests performed on laboratory animals.

In light of the warning above, we recommend not using this product in your bedroom or any room frequently occupied. Or even better, put it in an airtight plastic hanging wardrobe within your closet. Also, see herbal replacement below.

No Moth Closet HangerRegular price: $9.99Sale price: $8.99, 6/$51.00

Reefer-Galler No-Moth RefillReefer-Galler No-Moth RefillRefill for No-Moth Hanger.

Each box contains 2 7 oz. cakes.

No Moth Refill 14 oz.Regular price: $6.99Sale price: $6.99, 6/$34.14, 12/$66.84, 36/$194.04
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