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Reefer-Galler Lavender Scented Moth Sachettes

Old Fashioned.

6 individual moth sachette bags.

Protects Clothing.

For all fine cashmeres.

For all delicate woolens.

Invisible penetrating vapor.

Directions: Clean & brush garments thoroughly before storing. Leave crystals in bags and place on top of articles in chests, drawers, trunks, packages and other closed receptacles. Invisible vapor penetrates downward killing all forms of moth life. Use one or more bags to six cubic feet of tightly closed space. Do not use Reefer-Galler Old Fashioned Sachettes with Napthalene or Camphor. Do not use in plastic storage box or place in contact with plastic items as Paradiclorobenzene damages some plastics. (Note: doesn't seem to bother Rubbermaid type plastics I've used.) Pleasant odor quickly vanishes when articles are aired.

Notice: California has determined that a chemical contained in this product causes cancer based on tests performed on laboratory animals.

In light of the warning above, we recommend not using this product in your bedroom or any room frequently occupied. Or even better, put it in an airtight container. See below for natural replacement.

Now in resealable bag as pictured above. Formerly sold in box shown below.

Moth Sachettes 12 oz.Regular price: $9.99Sale price: $8.99, 6/$47.94, 12/$83.88

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