Click to enlargeRitz Window Cloth

Once you try this cloth... you'll never use anything else!

Chemically treated.

Cleans like magic!

Safe and easy to use.

No odor or oily feel to cloth.

More economical than liquids, waxes or powders.

Good until cloth itself is worn out.

You will be surprised how long it lasts.

To activate: Dip in cold water a few times and wring out. Apply to glass. Follow with another window cloth as it is lintless and will give best result.

Care: Rinse out in cold water. Do not wash in machine or detergent. This will deactivate treatment. Hang to dry.

Get instant Sparkle on windows, mirrors and windsheilds. Also good for crystal chandeliers, cut glass, and auto bodies.

Size: 13" x 18"

All cotton, Made in Turkey. Treated in USA.

Ritz #909 Window Cloth$3.19, 12/$36.00