Sash Counter Weights

Our CW series stackable cast iron counterweights are designed to economically facilitate the balancing of sash in weight and pulley windows. The 1/2" though-hole permits their use with either rope or chain. The square cross-section provides more weight per inch than conventional round weights, essential when dealing with heavier glazings or insulating glass. The 1 lb., 3 lb., and 5 lb. sizes permit flexibility and precision in attaining a proper balance. They are suitable for 1 3/4" or larger sash in either new construction or retro-fit. For orders with weights starting at 100 and 500 pounds of assorted sash weights, discounts are available by calling 215-247-0945 to order. Limited quantities of antique sash weights are available. Call 215-247-0945 for more information on antique weights.