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Screen Insert Cam Fastener

This screen/storm cam fastener is a solid brass assembly designed to fasten wood storm or screen inserts into a combination door or other frame. This hardware was formerly used on all high quality manufactured wood combination doors. Our version is precision machined from solid brass bar stock for durability and smoothness of operation. The standard finish is un-lacquered.


Hole diameter: 1/2"

Depth: 7/8"

Length: 1 1/2"

Used on wood combination storm and screen doors or any application requiring retention of a panel that will be seasonally removed. This screen cam fastener will function best holding a panel against a wood stop or rebate. It is not appropriate for applications subject to frequent use, as the brass locking blade could cause excessive wear on the wood surface against which it bears.

Installation requires boring a 1/2" hole into which the fastener body is later pressed. This hole is normally bored into the frame at a 1/2" backset from the edge. A 5/64" x 1" deep kerf is milled into the edge of the frame to receive the locking blade. This kerf may be located 1/2" - 3/4" on center from the face of the frame, depending on the millwork detail. A similar kerf should be milled into the edge of the panel, 5/64" x 1/2" deep, to receive the end of the locking blade when it is rotated to its extended position. This kerf should be located so that the panel is held firmly against the wood stop or rebate.

Screen Cam FastenerRegular price: $6.34Sale price: $5.29, 25/$110.00, 100/$420.00

Screen Cam Fastener in Custom Finish
Screen Cam FastenerRegular price: $9.54Sale price: $7.99, 25/$158.50, 100/$605.00