Cremone Bolts

Used for doors and casement windows.


Available in many different styles and finishes.


Shown on the left is a Frank Allart cremone bolt in antique rustic bronze. Frank Allart offers the most options in cremone bolts of any manufacturer. Click here to see our complete Frank Allart cremone bolt guide.


We are showing 9 brands of bolts here. Frank Allart uses a solid brass rectangular cross section rod. These are excellent with the most patterns, finishes and other options available. They have a fairly short lead time, considering that they are made in England. Once ordered, they will ship from Philadelphia in 6-8 weeks. See our guide.


Eric Morris cremone bolts are very precise with two functions, many finishes, and a variety of knob and levers available. Eric Morris is the only company besides Frank Allart to offer a locking cremone bolt with a standard pin tumbler key.


We have a large inventory of Baldwin cremone bolts available for immediate shipment. Baldwin cremone bolts have a very traditional American look. Baldwin cremone bolts can be used with any Baldwin knob or lever.


We offer Bouvet and Richelieu Cremone Bolts from France, which, despite the name, are made of steel. They only offer one sided operation and are available with only one handing, so they are only available with knobs.


We offer Gruppo Romi cremone bolts from Argentina. Cremone bolts from Gruppo Romi all have single sided operation.


Omnia Cremone Bolts are made in Italy, and are similar to the Gruppo Romi bolts at a very reasonable price. Omnia cremone bolts are only available in polished brass. We have a fair number available for immediate shipment.


Kirkpatrick Cremone Bolts are made in England from Iron with knob or lever. These seem to be very sturdy.


Formani Cremone Bolts are made in The Netherlands and are very sleek and sturdy.


See examples of installed cremone bolts in France.