Felco C7 Wire Rope & Cable Cutter

Wire-rope, wire, and cable cutter for electricians, craftsmen, repair shops, farmers, foresters, yachtsmen and handymen.

The triangular cutting system reduces the effort required and cuts without crushing the cable end.

Great cutting capacity thanks to the specially tempered blades.

With thumb-catch for single-handed use.

Felco cutters guarantee reliable quality as well as an astonishingly long service life for cutting the hardest materials, including spring wire.

Only cut hard material in the cutting triangle of the blades.


Soft wire rope: 7mm or 0.3 inches.

Hard wire or stainless wire rope: 5mm or 0.2 inches.

Spring wire cable: 4mm

Very hard steel cable and flex: 3mm

Electric cable of copper or aluminum and steel covered aluminum: 7mm

Aluminum or copper rods: 5mm

Iron rods: 4mm

Tempered spring wire: 2.5mm or 0.1 inch.

Length: 19cm or 7-5/8".

Weight: 270g

Felco C7Regular price: $61.92Sale price: $52.63

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