Secure Ventilation Lock

The Secure Ventilation Lock provides a means of allowing a double hung window to be opened for ventilation while preventing intruders from entering and children from falling out.

Installs in the side rail of the upper sash in a 3/4" diameter hole. The strike plate is mounted on top of the lower sash to prevent paint damage.

To lock, insert the special key (included) into the lock and turn counterclockwise. The bolt will protrude, preventing the lower sash from rising beyond that point. To unlock, insert the same key and turn clockwise. The bolt will fully retract allowing normal use of the window. This bolt is cleverly designed to rotate freely to prevent unlocking without the special key.

The strike plate doubles as a tool to screw in the lock.

Installation hole 3/4" diameter by 1-1/16" deep.

Face diameter 7/8".

Bolt protrudes 1/2" from upper sash when locked.

Strike measures 1" x 1-3/8".

Secure Ventilation LockRegular price: $31.70Sale price: $28.53, 10/$250.00

Secure Ventilation Lock in Custom Finish
Ventilation Lock Custom FinishRegular price: $41.22Sale price: $37.10, 10/$330.00
Secure Ventilation Lock in Polished Nickel
Ventilation Lock Bright NickelRegular price: $47.54Sale price: $42.79, 10/$380.00