How to install Pro-Type (single leaf) spring bronze weatherstrip

The width of the Pro-Type weatherstrip should be smaller than the thickness of the door or window to be weatherstripped.

There is a crease about 3/16" away from one edge of the weatherstrip. The nails will go through the weatherstrip about 3/32" away from this edge. The other edge will then spring up about 3/16" from the door or window jamb.

The weatherstrip should be spaced by about a matchstick from the stop, allowing it to freely move.

The nails can be nailed about 1-1/2" apart.

On the sides, start at the top and work down. You can miter the corners slightly so they can spring up without binding against one another. The weatherstrip can be pieced at the hinges if it causes the hinges to bind. If there is a lock on a door, piece the weatherstrip around the strikeplate and use a lock strip to weatherstrip there.

For CURVED TOP doors, work with a helper. Cut the weatherstrip with a pair of tin snips but leave the nailing portion uncut. Carefully nail the weatherstrip on and make some more cuts as you go. The snip will curl the edges of the cut so the bronze weatherstrip will naturally overlap. Make your cuts closer or farther apart depending on the radius of the arch top door.