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Kirkpatrick Iron & Steel Cremone Bolt w/ Knob

This is a nice sturdy cremone bolt made in England. Currently available in only one style and one finish.

Fits up to 98-5/8" opening with the knob centered in the opening. Fits smaller openings with the knob a maximum of 49-5/16" from one end.

Rods are 10mm (3/8"+) solid steel and are very sturdy.

Box measures 1-3/8 wide x 4-3/8" high.

Rod guides measure 1-9/16" wide.

Knob projects 2-9/16".

Knob is 1-1/8" wide x 2-11/16" high.

Provided with 6 assorted strike plates for inswing and outswing applications. See detail below. Shown form left to right are Angle, Mortise, and Surface strikes.

Optional 2-sided operation available using any knob or lever using a 7mm spindle on the square.

Cremone bolt may be semi-permanently locked in the closed position using a provided set screw.

5135Regular price: $550.00Sale price: $300.00

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